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Pikachu Terrarium 1of1

Pikachu Terrarium 1of1

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Welcome to the Pikachu Bioactive Terrarium, a lush and vibrant ecosystem designed to emulate the natural habitat of everyone's favorite Pokémon. This bioactive terrarium provides the ideal environment for Pikachu, ensuring both its physical and mental well-being.

Live Moss Terrarium handmade from local materials grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Kentucky.

*** A Great Gift choice for a friend who love plants or terrariums***

All Terrariums are handmade when order is placed. Average time to delivery is between 5 - 7 days. If you need expedited processing time please send me a message or make note in your order.

• One Assembled glass terrarium w/ Crystal Tree
• Spray bottle for watering moss
• Detailed moss care instructions

Terrarium Assembly
• Each terrarium is assembled to create the most optimal environment for growing moss to create vibrant long-lasting bioactive terrariums.
• The main layers of the terrarium consist of 1) Drainage - pebbles 2) Filter - charcoal 3) Substrate - sphagnum moss, orchid bark, coco fibre, and sand - these materials create the optimal mixture to provide long-lasting substrate with high water retention and excellent drainage.

Moss Care
• Moss is a pretty hardy plant that can be found all over the world and come in all kinds of beautiful textures, colors, and sizes.
• Their 3 primary needs are 1) Indirect Sunlight (direct sunlight will burn or dry out moss) 2) Humidity 3) Cool Temperatures.
• The enclosed glass terrariums that are provided help foster a humid environment all you need to do is find it an optimal placement within your home to meet its 2 other needs.
• All terrariums will come with care instructions explaining all of the above in more detail, but please always reach out to me if you have any questions.

Shipping Information
• All terrariums are shipped free with tracking via Priority Mail with insurance to cover any potential damages incurred during shipping.
• Terrarium contents are packaged very carefully using materials that try to hold everything in place during transit as much as possible, so you get a terrarium as close as possible to the original design.
• Terrariums are handmade when ordered, they will look very similar to the pictures shown but not exactly the same.

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